We are Huhtahyvät

Huhtahyvät Oy is a family-owned company with over 30 years’ experience of making delicious meat products and mayonnaise-based salads.

The company was founded in 1988 by Raimo Vilska. At present the third generation is taking active role within the company and leading the way forward.

Taste and quality

Taste and quality of the product has always been
the most important thing for us.

We produce more than 5 million kilos of high-grade delicacies for Scandinavian dining tables. Our own brands: Lihamestari & Gourmet stands for high quality and delicious taste. We are dedicated to food quality and food safety. Our staff consists of high skilled professionals, and we utilize the latest food technology. Our processes quality arises from continuous development.

People are our greatest asset

We are proud of our employees working within Huhtahyvät Group. Huhtahyvät employs over 70 people, and we are one of the largest employers in our region. We believe Huhtahyvät is a great place to work. Many of our people have been working for us over a lifetime.

Health and safety at work are important values for us. We take care of work safety together.

To make sure our people have the proficiency to utilize latest food technology and pursue their professional development, we provide both individual and group-based training courses.


Huhtahyvät is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations.

Most significant emissions are caused by energy consumption. Huhtahyvät uses only 100 % climate-neutral electricity. To reduce environmentally harmful usage of plastic, Huhtahyvät launched first in Finland salad boxes without plastic intermediate film. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the environmental load.