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What is a cookie?

A cookie is usually a small text file that your Internet browser stores on your computer to identify and re-identify the user. The text file contains a small amount of information that the web server can read the next time you visit the same page. We always respect the privacy of our users, and we never store user-specific information on cookies. User identification based on cookies is not possible.

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Cookies used on the site

Cookies can be used to collect information such as:

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Blocking cookies and targeted advertising

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Google’s cookies can be disabled using Google’s advertising settings

Principles of protection of personal data

Personal information is kept confidential. Access to the register is restricted only to persons employed by Mediasignal who need that information in their work. The data network and hardware of the controller and its potential IT partners, where the register is located, is protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures.

Your rights and influence

You have the right to verify the information about yourself in our registers, the right to claim erroneous information, the right to prohibit the processing of personal data concerning you in direct marketing, and otherwise to exercise your rights under the Personal Data Act.

At your request, we will correct, delete or supplement personal information that is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete, or out of date for the purpose of the processing. You can use the rights listed above by contacting our customer service